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I represent  me  with this avatar because i have brown hair and my hair ends are light brown as you may see in the picture!!! My skin is tanned but not as much like in the photo, my eyes are hazel and my favorite colors are blue, pink, and white also purple but i did´t find nice clothes in purple!!! :D

This post is for Challenge 2  in the March 2011 challenge 

Students should visit my blog to have a great time (after studying all day long); also apart from having fun yothread. u can learn new things because I have post some interesting topics, also I have recommend some pages were you can present works in a creative way as Prezi, Glogster Edu, Animoto and voice.
 This post is for Challenge challenge 1  in the March 2011 challenge

 i talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people.

Smile, it makes people wonder what you’re thinking

When you’re right, no one remembers. When you’re wrong, no one forgets

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else

Money is not everything. There's always Mastercard & Visa.

Your future depends on your dreams - so go to sleep!

Today at school a Peruvian publisist called Rosio came to talk as about how technology effect publicity, it was a very interesting talk, WOW i realize that now they are making alot of publicity using tecnhology, that way is more creative and it catches peoples attention. Look some awesome videos where they use tecnhology to make publicity!!! 
The  trademark investigate the audience that they want to have to persuade, they investigate with who they like to hang out, where do the people they want to persuade is on the weekends and in the normal days.
See what your audience like and do, after reserching they start making the campeing.
All the companies need to do:
Contact Plan
How many money do they have
I am super exited, it sounds good to blog. Really i don't like writing but this seems fun!!! I know it is a hard work but there are more difficult things at life. This unit is going to be super cool, that´s what i hope.

Technology has change trough time, and it has been a big impact in the whole world. Just imagine you without technology having to search for a  homework in a book because internet do not exists, waiting for a card,(ect.)
I thank god for technology to exist, the world will be soo boring without technology!!!!!!!

On school i had been working on a page call Prezi, is a very interesting page were you can download videos photos, draw(ect) is a creative page you need to try it!!!l



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