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Twitter was founded in March 2006 by Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, and Biz Stone, in days twitter gained popularity worldwide.Twitter started as a research and development within the podcasting company Odeo. The original name of Twitter was twttr, inspirated on Flickr. Wow, a little proyect can became a huge one worldwide, it just need all your effort :) !!!

Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging service. On twitter you can: , send twits(messages) to your followers, look at other peoples photos (twitpic), download photos, download videos, comment on other people walls, you can add favorite to pages and photos and you can find out what celebrities are doing. Is a super cool page, already have an acount?create one.

Businesses use Twitter to share information with people interested in their products and services. They became friends with customers, and partners. Twitter offers businesses a chance to reach a committed audience.  And now in twitter there are 300 employees. 

On Twitter you can dowload youtube videos, you can choose the ones you want, and now you can download twitter for your cell phone, IPod touch, I pad, and BlackBerry. Twitter has advanced alot!!!

Twitter bring us alot of benefints, you can send twits(messages) to friends, you could send them to a other country.With twitter is much easier to communacate with someone, without need of calling by a phone or cellphone. They appear breaking news and you can see what people think about it. Incredible no? all what you can do in only one page:) As benefits Twitter have problems. The personal information you put on twitter is not private so many people can see it, and if you put improper information like your adress, phone number(ect) you need to know thats dangerous this have caused theaf, kidnapping, and deaths. Don´t ever put improper information in social medias, just an advice.

Twitter had replaced, cards, friends visits, the union of the family, games such as hide and seek, hand games, dolls(ect). Twitter had replaced things that are essential for life like the union of  the family, life is one enjoyed(not just in Twitter).

Today, life is interactive from the time we are born".The way we solialize have changed for completly. Twitter distance family and join distant pople.When we are in Twitter we forget about our family, homeworks(ect)we just remember about FRIENDS. Now with this social media is easier to make campeings, protests, topple president, and changed the govermment, thats why on countries like china forbid social medias such as Twitter and Facebook and control the internet. Is easier to communicate but it distracts alot, if you have Twitter you know what i am talking about and WOW i have been reflecting and is unbelievable that we are changing our family to Twitter (social medias)

In the future it will be EASIER to communicate.
If its easier to communicate nowadays how it´s going to be in the future?We will have much more technology. Try to imagime what is going to exist!!  We will be MORE adictive to technology How we will be? we are going to be alone, just the computer and you!!!, we will have "virtual friends" because we are going to talk by the computer.

In conclusion it will bring many good things as well as bad!!!



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